We have curated resources that describe living with Dyspraxia/DCD. Most were created in the United Kingdom where there is much more awareness of neurodiversity than in the United States. Dyspraxia DCD America hopes to change that. Stay tuned!!





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By Elizabeth McKinney (2019)
Recommended for Ages 8 to 10 Carson narrates the story With a simple moral in the end. We need to accept others’ differences So we don’t miss out on a friend.

By Maureen Boon (2014)
Recommended for Ages 7+
Marco invites readers to learn about dyspraxia from his perspective, helping them to understand what it is and what it feels like when he sometimes struggles to control his movement and coordination.

By Kathy Hoopman (2022)
All About Dyspraxia follows in the best-selling footsteps of Kathy Hoopmann’s All Cats are on the Autism Spectrum and All Dogs have ADHD. Through engaging text and full-colour photographs, this book shows how people with dyspraxia see and experience the world and highlights the unique characteristics that make them special.

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