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We have curated resources that describe living with Dyspraxia/DCD. Most were created in the United Kingdom where there is much more awareness of neurodiversity than in the United States. Dyspraxia DCD America hopes to change that. Stay tuned!!
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February 21, 2021 (36:19)
Professor Amanda Kirby, Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health

October 31, 2018 (3:21)

Fixers UK, September 25, 2013 (2:12)
Fixer Abi Hocking, 18, from Porthleven, Cornwall, has dyspraxia. She helped make this animation to promote awareness of the condition.

Farah Nanji, July 31, 2019 (20:34)
Farah Nanji showcases how she has truly owned the power of dyspraxia; a developmental co-ordination disorder that affects 1 in 10 children today and 5% of the world’s adult population.

Purple Ella (7:15)
In this video I’m explaining what dyspraxia is, what causes it, the diagnostic criteria for dyspraxia and some tips for improving your motor skills.

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