Healthcare Professionals

We have curated resources that describe living with Dyspraxia/DCD. Most were created in the United Kingdom where there is much more awareness of neurodiversity than in the United States. Dyspraxia DCD America hopes to change that. Stay tuned!!
Healthcare Professionals

Suggested Reading


To date, there are no well-established guidelines for the assessment, diagnosis, and management of DCD or Dyspraxia in the United States. However, links to guidance documents and publications developed by international, regional, and local institutions are provided below:

Canadian Paediatric Society, 2021

The Children & Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia

The Children & Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia, 2018

The Children & Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia, 2018

Healthcare Professionals

Continuing Education Webinars


On-demand continuing education webinars are available for Occupational and Physical Therapists through ApplyEBP, LLC (Apply Evidence-Based Practices), including the following topics:

Identification of Children with DCD


In-person and Virtual Services (4 Webinars for the Price of 3)


A Cognitive Strategy to Address Motor Difficulties

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