About us

Dyspraxia DCD America was originally established as The Spotlight Foundation for Dyspraxia and DCD in 2019.

After years of struggling to find appropriate support for their son, Danielle Rosenberg and her husband, Sidney, founded this organization. Rebranded as “Dyspraxia DCD America” in 2023, this nonprofit is committed to being a resource for those living with Dyspraxia/DCD.

We are dedicated to raising awareness, providing resources to families and individuals, educating the medical and educational communities, and supporting research.


Our Mission

Dyspraxia DCD America raises awareness, provides support and advocates for those impacted by Dyspraxia/DCD in the United States through collaboration with our global network of Dyspraxia/DCD champions.

Our Vision

A world where all those with Dyspraxia/DCD are empowered to live life to their fullest potential.

Our Values


Inspire all people and organizations to join the alliance to promote awareness and understanding of Dyspraxia/DCD.


Provide equal access to opportunities and resources.


Embrace change with courage.


Accept responsibility for our commitments and actions.


Act ethically, with honesty, transparency, and compassion.

Help us illuminate awareness.