Michael's story
Our son Michael Nirschel is a 31 Year old young man with Autism, verbal apraxia and severe dyspraxia. He lived in silence for 30 Years.
Every doctor, teacher, and therapist told us he was extremely low-functioning. Last May we began the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) Letter Board Method and realized that Michael is very smart, funny, insightful, and extremely opinionated with a strong sense of self. The Letter Board changed his life and ours. He is a wonderful story of resilience and a lesson to “Never Judge a Book by its cover.”

When did you become aware that there was something unique about your child? What did you notice?

15 months of age.

How did you address any challenges your child was having at home, school, or work (include any therapies received, if you’re comfortable sharing)?

Auditory training, visual training, naturopaths, homeopaths, sensory integration, autism doctors, diets and nutritional supplements, speech therapy, occupational therapy, special ed school until he was 21. Nothing made a significant difference.

Which therapies/approaches were most effective?

Tomatis Neuro Stimulation, Facilitated Typing (FC), Rapid Prompting Method (RPM), Interactive Metronome.

What coping strategies do you find most helpful in your daily life?

Faith, optimism, humor, relationships and doing something everyday that we enjoy.

What would you like others to understand about Dyspraxia/DCD?

Do not assume that what you see on the outside represents the intellect. A child may not be able to speak or motor plan but still be highly intelligent. Don’t underestimate.

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